Press conferences

EconPol Europe organises regular press conferences and invites journalists to attend special conferences.


Past Press Conferences


Press Conference on 19 November 2018 at 11:00 in Brussels


with Gabriel Felbermayr, ifo Institute, Munich, and designated President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy
and Sébastien Jean, Director of CEPII, Paris

EconPol Europe’s Annual Conference 2018: International Trade and Protectionism


Presentation of the 17th Report on the European Economy 2018 by the European Economic Advisory Group (EEAG)

13 April 2018 12.30h | Rome, Italy
Presenting authors: Clemens Fuest and Giuseppe Bertola

23 March 2018 8.30h | Stockholm, Sweden
Presenting author: Clemens Fuest
Discussants: Katarina Areskough Mascarenhas and Lars Calmfors
Moderator: Thomas Gür

19 March 2018 16.00h | Prague, Czech Republic
Presenting author: Clemens Fuest

19 March 2018 15.30h | Zurich, Switzerland
Presenting authors: Jan-Egbert Sturm and Guiseppe Bertola
Moderator: Katja Gentinetta

12 March 2018 13.00h | Paris, France
Presenting author: Clemens Fuest

27 February 2018 12.30h | Berlin, Germany
Presenting author: Clemens Fuest

26 February 2018 10.30h | Brussels, Belgium
Presenting authors: Clemens Fuest and Jan-Egbert Sturm.

17th Report on the European Economy 2018