Press conferences

EconPol Europe organises regular press conferences and invites journalists to attend special conferences.


Past Press Conferences

Presentation of the 17th Report on the European Economy 2018 by the European Economic Advisory Group (EEAG)

13 April 2018 12.30h | Rome, Italy
Presenting authors: Clemens Fuest and Giuseppe Bertola

23 March 2018 8.30h | Stockholm, Sweden
Presenting author: Clemens Fuest
Discussants: Katarina Areskough Mascarenhas and Lars Calmfors
Moderator: Thomas Gür

19 March 2018 16.00h | Prague, Czech Republic
Presenting author: Clemens Fuest

19 March 2018 15.30h | Zurich, Switzerland
Presenting authors: Jan-Egbert Sturm and Guiseppe Bertola
Moderator: Katja Gentinetta

12 March 2018 13.00h | Paris, France
Presenting author: Clemens Fuest

27 February 2018 12.30h | Berlin, Germany
Presenting author: Clemens Fuest

26 February 2018 10.30h | Brussels, Belgium
Presenting authors: Clemens Fuest and Jan-Egbert Sturm.