EconPol Session on Closing Tax Loopholes, CEPS Ideas Lab


CEPS, Brussels, Belgium

Recent proposals of the OECD and the EU have taken a tougher stance on aggressive tax planning by multinationals. The dependence on physical presence for the establishment of a taxable nexus, which is a main feature of the existing tax framework, poses a great challenge for the taxation of cross-border transactions of, but not only, digital businesses. This EconPol Europe Lab Session will discuss the opportunities and risks of recent policy initiatives such as the European Commission’s Digital Services Tax proposals. Can these proposals deliver what they promise – do they close the current loopholes in the tax system? What are the costs to competition and economic welfare in general and can such proposals find support amongst all member states?


Chiara Putaturo, EU Inequality and Tax Policy Advisor, Oxfam

Marko Köthenbürger, EconPol Europe, Professor of Economics, ETH

Arjan Lejour, Professor of Taxation and Public Finance, Tilburg University and CPB

David Rinaldi, Director of Studies and Policy, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

Full program:

Attendance at the CEPS Ideas Lab is strictly by invitation only. If you are interested in attending this session, please contact Juliet Shaw at for further information.