Self- and Reinsurance against Labour Market Shocks: a New Proposal for the Eurozone


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Positive economic developments in Europe in recent years do not change the fact that there is an urgent need for reform. That is why the proposals by the French President Macron, the European Commission and, most recently, the signal sent by the “New Beginning for Europe” featured in the German government’s coalition agreement, are all encouraging signs. We are nevertheless still a long way off any political consensus over how exactly a reform programme should look. Proposals of self and reinsurance against labour market shocks could be a key component of such a consensus. Such insurance would facilitate far more effective cushioning against economic shocks in the Eurozone due to the high share of national self-insurance, with practically no incentive effects, let alone long-term transfers.

"Self- and Reinsurance against Labour Market Shocks: a New Proposal for the Eurozone" will be discussed by ifo President Clemens Fuest and SPD Euro MP Jakob von Weizsäcker along with German MP Ralph Brinkhaus, CDU, and Gerhard Schick, Alliance 90/The Greens, as well as Professor of Economics Sebastian Dullien. The discussion will be chaired by Cerstin Gammelin, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Featured Concepts

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EconPol Publications

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