KOF Swiss Economic Institute at ETH Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

KOF delivers profound insight into the field of economic research. Next to conducting research into all branches of the Swiss economy, it also creates forecasts and indicators for business cycle analysis. KOF’s data pool of business surveys is unique in Switzerland. KOF uses these data sets to mirror the economic situations and moods of Swiss companies through the generation of indicators. The KOF Economic Barometer, KOF Employment Indicator, KOF Business Situation, etc, are crucial for assessing economic developments in Switzerland. Many of these surveys are carried out monthly and results are evaluated quarterly to be presented to the public. KOF also analyses the innovation of Swiss companies, provides studies on health issues and comments on current economic developments. KOF is also, together with the ifo institute, involved in the joint economic forecast in Germany, which is used by the German government as a directional measure of future economic development.