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The share of income shocks absorbed by the tax and transfer system in the Eurozone declined from 48 percent in 2008 to 24 percent in 2011: for some of the countries most affected by the crisis, the stabilization effect was even negative in some years of the crisis, implying that the tax and trans ...Details

| EconPol Policy Report

This report analyzes self-selection and motivations of emigrants from Denmark, one of the richest and most redistributive welfare states in the world. ...Details

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To discover if structural reforms provide benefits to individual groups, Klaus Gründler (EconPol Europe, ifo Institute, LMU Munich), Niklas Potrafke (EconPol Europe, ifo Institute, LMU Munich) and Timo Wochner (LMU Munich) employed macro and micro data to investigate whether the income of low-inc ...Details