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Media reporting on "Fiscal Policies during the Covid-19 Crisis in Austria - A Macroeconomic Assessment", EconPol Policy Report 32, November 2021:

Media reporting on "High Public Debt in an Uncertain World: Post-Covid-19 Dangers for Public Finance", EconPol Policy Brief 38, October 2021:

Media reporting on "Who Will Pay Amount A?", EconPol Policy Brief 36, July 2021:,102-67153.htm

Media reporting on "The Existential Trilemma of EMU in a Model of Fiscal Target Zone", EconPol Working Paper 66, June 2021:

Media reporting on "CO2 Emissions and Energy Technologies in Western Europe", EconPol Working Paper 65, June 2021:

Media reporting on "Calamities, Common Interests, Shared Identity: What Shapes Altruism and Reciprocity?", EconPol Working Paper 64, May 2021:

Media reporting on "Is There a Need for Reverse Mortgages in Germany? Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications", EconPol Policy Report 31, April 2021:

Media reporting on "What Are the Priorities of Bureaucrats?", EconPol Working Paper 63, March 2021:

Media reporting on "Removing Welfare Traps: Employment Responses in the Finnish Basic Income Experiment", EconPol Working Paper 61, March 2021:

Media reporting on "How Fast Must Vaccination Campaigns Proceed in Order to Beat Rising Covid-19 Infection Numbers?", EconPol Policy Brief 34, March 2021:
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Media reporting on "Robots at Work? Pitfalls of Industry Level Data", EconPol Working Paper 58, February 2021:

Media reporting on "The Global Economic Impact of Politicians: Evidence from an International Survey RCT", EconPol Working Paper 56, January 2021:

Media reporting on "The Economic Costs of the Coronavirus Shutdown for Selected European Countries: A Scenario Calculation", EconPol Policy Brief 25, April 2020:

Media reporting on EconPol's Annual Conference 2020:

Media reporting on "World Economy: What Does the Road to Recovery from COVID-19 Look Like?", EconPol Policy Report 26, October 2020:,SBrBSWa

Media reporting on "EU27 and the UK: Product Dependencies and the Implications of Brexit", EconPol Policy Brief 27, October 2020:;%20impattera%27%20soprattutto%20su%20aziende%20Uk,%20meno%20su%20Paesi%20Ue

Media reporting on "The Covid-19 Crisis, Italy and Ms Merkel’s Turnaround: Will the EU Ever be the Same Again?", EconPol Policy Report 25, September 2020:

Media reporting on "Financing the EU: New Context, New Responses", EconPol Policy Report 24, September 2020:

Media reporting on "Has Immigration Contributed to the Rise of Rightwing Extremist Parties in Europe?", EconPol Policy Report 23, July 2020:

Media reporting on "The Size of Government", Econpol Working Paper 46, June 2020:

Media reporting on "European Banks and the Covid-19 Crash Test", EconPol Policy Brief 30, May 2020:

Media reporting on "The EU Budget and Common Agricultural Policy Beyond 2020: Seven More Years of Money for Nothing?", EconPol Working Paper 17, October 2018:

Media reporting on "Group Testing Against Covid-19", EconPol Policy Brief 24, April 2020:

Media reporting on "COVID-19: The World Economy Needs a Lifeline – But Which One?", EconPol Policy Brief 27, April 2020:

Media reporting on "Crises, Immigration and the Labor Market: Learning from Past Mistakes", EconPol Opinion 32, May 2020:

Media Reporting on "Portugal’s GDP, a Note on the 2020 Unknowns", EconPol Policy Brief 23, March 2020:

Media Reporting on "EEAG Report on the European Economy 2020: Fair Taxation in a Mobile World", CESifo, Munich, 2020:

Media reporting on "Assessing the Cost of Uncertainty Created by Brexit", EconPol Opinion 25, December 2019:

Media reporting on "A Primer on Developing European Public Goods", EconPol Policy Report 16, November 2019:

Media reporting on "What Drives Chinese Overseas M&A Investment? Evidence from Micro Data", EconPol Working Paper 33, November 2019:

Media reporting on EconPol Annual Conference 2019 "Europe’s Competitiveness and the Rise of China":

Media reporting on "The Long-Term Climate Strategy of the European Union – a Reality Check", EconPol Opinion 23, August 2019:

Media reporting on "Is proportional representation a cure for democratic discontent?", EconPol Opinion 20, June 2019:

Media reporting on "Intra-EU labour mobility: From too little to too much?, EconPol Opinion 17, May 2019:

Media reporting on "The design of a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism for the euro area: Choices and trade-offs", EconPol Policy Report 11, March 2019:

Media reporting on "Trump’s trade attack on China – who laughs last?", EconPol Policy Brief 13, February 2019:

Media reporting on "The death of the European Banking Union", EconPol Opinion 15, February 2019:

Media reporting on "An Unemployment Re-Insurance Scheme for the Eurozone? Stabilizing and Redistributive Effects", EconPol Policy Report 10, January 2019:

Media reporting on "Hard Brexit ahead: breaking the deadlock", EconPol Policy Brief 12, January 2019:

Media reporting on "Who is Paying for the Trade War with China?, EconPol Policy Brief 11, November 2018:

Media reporting on "European Financial Integration through Securitization", EconPol Policy Brief 10, November 2018:

Media reporting on "What a feeling?! How to promote ‘European Identity’", EconPol Policy Report 9, October 2018:

Media reporting on "Global Implications of U.S. Tax Reform", EconPol Working Paper 8, March 2018:

Media reporting on "Economic Effects of Brexit on the European Economy", EconPol Policy Report 4, November 2017:

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