Panel discussion “The Future of EMU”

Massimo Bordignon, Marco Buti, Emmanuel Massé and Thomas Westphal (moderator: Daniel Gros)

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Massimo Bordignon, Professor for Economics, Catholic University of Milan (Milan), Marco Buti, Director-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission (Brussels), Emmanuel Massé, Deputy Secretary, European Affairs Department, French Ministry for the Economy and Finance (Paris), Thomas Westphal, Director-General, European Policy Department, German Ministry of Finance (Berlin) and Daniel Gros, Director, CEPS, Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) (moderation): Panel discussion “The Future of EMU”


Bordignon, Massimo, Marco Buti, Emmanuel Massé, Thomas Westphal and Daniel Gros: Panel discussion “The Future of EMU”, EconPol Founding Conference, 9-10 November 2017, video, 1 hour 45 min