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Joint CEPS-EconPol Lunch Debate: Pension Reform and Sustainability of Public Finance
2 October 2019
Brussels, Belgium

EconPol Annual Conference: Europe's Competitiveness and the Rise of China
7-8 November 2019
Brussels, Belgium

CEPS-EconPol Europe Lunch Debate

Pension Reform in Europe: Recent Experience and Challenges Ahead

, CEPS, Brussels, Belgium

Ageing populations in European countries are putting pressure on public finances through higher spending on old age benefits and lower tax revenues. Several European countries have conducted pension reforms in recent years aimed at enhancing fiscal sustainability. However, further policy challenges will arise due to the projected demographic changes ahead.

The second joint CEPS and EconPol lunchtime seminar will discuss the issue of pension reform from different angles. In particular, it will reflect on the experience with recent pension reforms in Europe, their public finance and labor market consequences and intergenerational fairness aspects. Another crucial question the seminar will focus on is under which conditions pension reforms may find political support.

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