EconPol Europe Panel Munich Economic Summit

The Future of the Euro



The panel will discuss what reform and future governance of the euro area should look like in order to achieve a sustainable and incentive-compatible architecture, prosperous development and greater cohesion among its members. The panel will address questions like: are the euro area and the European financial sector stabilised and sustainable – where do we stand? How can the fiscal discipline of sovereigns be strengthened? Do we need more elements of risk-sharing or a focus on risk reduction? How can risk-sharing and market-discipline be reconciled with achieving an incentive-compatible architecture in the currency union? Should the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) be transformed into a European Monetary Fund? Does the currency union need an exit clause and viable insolvency procedure for its member states? How should TARGET-II imbalances be managed in the future?

Clemens Fuest, President, ifo Institute Munich; Professor of Economics and Public Finance, University of Munich

Markus K. Brunnermeier, Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Economics, Princeton University
Anne-Laure Delatte, Deputy Director CEPII; Member of the Conseil d’Analyse Economique in France, Paris
Marek Mora, Member of the Board, Czech National Bank, Prague

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