EconPol Europe: A Voice for Research in Europe

EconPol Europe is CESifo’s economic policy platform. With key support from the ifo Institute, it seeks to leverage CESifo’s globe-spanning network of more than 2 000 high-ranked economists – at least a dozen of whom have won the Nobel Prize – and ifo’s decades-deep research expertise to provide well-founded advice to European policymakers and to facilitate informed decisions. Drawing on the wide range of specializations of its members, EconPol’s mission is to contribute to the crafting of evidence-based, effective economic policy in the face of the rapidly evolving challenges faced by the European economies and their global partners.

The network was founded in spring 2017 by the ifo Institute, as a network of institutions. The establishment of EconPol Europe was made possible by an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) to intensify and deepen cross-border research and cooperation in Europe. The ifo Institute was commissioned to set up this independent network, providing evidence-based policy advice to inform the economic and fiscal policy debate in Europe.

In 2022, when project financing by the BMF ended, EconPol was integrated into the responsibility of CESifo GmbH.