Policy Research Live

The European Recovery Fund: An Effective Policy Measure to Deal with Covid-19 Consequences?


Online Event

The economic crisis caused by Covid-19 is on course to become more serious than the 2008 financial crisis. Eurozone member states face several challenges in order to stabilize the economy, not least the short-term financial aid required during the shutdown and the subsequent support needed to get the economy back on its feet.

The Eurozone has little room for manoeuvre with the limitations of monetary policy and high levels of national debt. It’s crucial to ensure that added value is created by policy at a European level, with a robust infrastructure to ensure no member state is left behind.

In the first of our series of Policy Research Live online debates, EconPol Europe welcomed our speaker Clemens Fuest (ifo) and network member Antonia Díaz (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) to discuss the policy options available for the Eurozone and ask: is a European Recovery Fund an effective policy measure to deal with Covid-19 consequences?