Daniel Gros

Daniel Gros: “Policymakers Should Consider High Public Debt Ratios as a Risk”

EconPol Annual Conference
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Daniel Gros, Distinguished Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies, will speak about the dangers of high public debt in his afternoon keynote speech at the EconPol Annual conference. He cautions countries with high debt ratios not to rely on low interest rates to make their (Covid-19) debt sustainable. His speech is based on a most recent EconPol Policy Brief that will be released on the day of the conference.

EconPol Europe is honored to have Mr Gros as speaker at the conference. He will deliver his keynote on 13 October at 16:00 (CEST). There will be an opportunity for Q&As at the end of his speech and there will also be a livestream available on the conference website www.econpol.eu/2021