What is Needed for New Partnerships between Europe and Africa?

A Geoeconomic Watershed Moment


Munich, Germany

Climate crisis, Covid-19 pandemic, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: recent crises are creating new geoeconomic challenges. What do these mean for future relations between Europe and Africa? What new opportunities will arise?

Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner for International Partnerships, and Clemens Fuest, President of the ifo Institute, were debating in a panel discussion on the subject “A Geoeconomic Watershed Moment – What is Needed for New Partnerships between Europe and Africa?” and discuss these questions and others.

  • Can a transformation of the economy, and particularly of our energy, food, and health systems increase resilience to such shocks in the future?
  • How do we ensure that the transformation doesn’t benefit only the wealthiest countries and companies, but contributes towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Can development assistance, more diversified trade and investments, and the power of innovation lead to new partnerships between European and African economies?
  • And what can be learned from past attempts for policy cooperation?

This was a debate in English language. Alexandra Foederl-Schmid (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Süddeutsche Zeitung) was the moderator. 

Participation in the event is by invitation only. The event toke place on February 17,2022 as an online event.