Jennifer Baker and Monika Jones

Jennifer Baker and Monika Jones to Host EconPol's 2020 Annual Conference

Conference 2020
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EconPol Europe's 2020 annual conference will be held completely online, and we're delighted to announce that the event will be hosted by Jennifer Baker and Monika Jones, two extremely experienced print and broadcast journalists. Monika will oversee events on Wednesday 25 November, with Jennifer taking care of the proceedings on Thursday 26 November.

Monika is one of Germany's leading bilingual journalists and presenters. As an English speaking news anchor at Germany's global TV broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, she is familiar to a wide international audience, especially in North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Monika is also one of Germany's leading bilingual presenters of international conferences and business events. Her regular clients include top multinational companies, government ministries, European institutions and NGOs. Her specialist areas are economics, corporate relations, human resources, and transport & logistics. For Deutsche Welle, Monika presents the flagship news show DW World News. She also anchors Made in Germany - a globally transmitted, weekly magazine focusing upon the latest developments in the German business world. Monika presented one of the largest Livestream events ever as the official presenter of the European Space Agency's historic Rosetta mission, which successfully landed the Philae space probe on a comet. 

Jennifer has been a journalist in print, radio and television for more than 20 years. Since 2009, she has been based in Brussels, reporting on European affairs for a vast array of media, including BBC radio, Middle Eastern television, and some of the biggest names in the global media business – ArsTechnica, The Next Web, ComputerWeekly, Macworld, PCworld and CIO (as part of the renowned IDG News Service team), and The Register. She has a wealth of experience in navigating the political quagmire of the EU and one of her core skills is translating EU policy-speak into understandable English. She is one of the most respected commentators on everything inside the Brussels Bubble – from Brexit to security, fundamental rights to disinformation. Jennifer combines this insider knowledge with a passion for live communication, relishing the opportunity to moderate conferences and events of any size.

Jennifer and Monika will oversee a packed conference schedule of high-calibre guests.