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Gaps Worth Billions in the European Balance of Payments

The head of the ifo Center for International Economics, Gabriel Felbermayr, has urged Europeans to strive for order in their current account statistics with the US. “The US statistics on its current account with the EU differ significantly from the comparable European statistics”, he said, basing his comments on an article he co-authored for the EconPol Europe research network. “The differences go so far that the US has a current account surplus of $14 billion with the EU (about €11.6 billion) for 2017, while the EU posts a European surplus of €170 billion in 2017. Something is wrong here, and most likely on the European side, unfortunately.”
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The Possibility of a Euro Finance Minister – A New Office Bringing Little Added Value to Europe

EconPol Analysis on the EU Reform Debate

Creating the office of “Euro Minister of Economy and Finance” will not be able to solve the main problems facing fiscal coordination in Europe. This is the finding of a recent study conducted by a European team in the EconPol Europe research network and coordinated by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim.

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EEAG Report 2018: Europe: What now, with whom, where to – The Future of the EU

This year’s EEAG/EconPol Europe report focuses on the causes and symptoms of, and possible cures to the current integration malaise of the European Union. A decade of economic and migration crises and Brexit represent a major stumbling block on the path towards ever closer ties and continuous enlargement. The report raises the fundamental question of what holds societies together and shows that interaction within and between nation-states is strongly shaped by trust. Trust enables economic, social, and political interactions both within countries and internationally.

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