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EconPol Research: Procurement Officials Aim to Avoid Bidders with Bad Reputation

Key priority of German and Finnish public procurement officials is avoiding awarding public contracts to bidders with bad reputation. Yet, their ability to do so may be limited. Officials also dislike procurement outcomes that exceed expected costs or fall short of expected quality a recent EconPol study finds.  "Exceeding the budget in the administration is perceived to be much worse than falling short. This can be explained for example by budget overruns often being criticized in public, e.g.

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EconPol Research Finds: Basic Income Has Small Effect on Employment in Finland

The basic income in Finland led only to a small increase in employment. Finland is the only country that carried out a complete nationwide randomized control trial of a basic-income program. „It has been widely hypothesized that universal basic income might alleviate many problems in contemporary labor markets, like job polarization and inequality.

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EconPol Europe: Optimize Covid-19 Vaccine Production with Time-Based Incentives

A new policy brief from EconPol Europe analyses current vaccine production contracts and recommends an optimal contract design to boost availability. The policy implications, say authors, are very clear: contracts should contain incentives for accelerated production, with vaccines delivered early commanding a higher price.

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